While the marriage season is on, it is imperative that Bachelors in Bollywood are also tempted towards tieing the knot. Probably, in the same phase of mind, Vicky Kaushal in a recent award function, proposed marriage to Katrina Kaif.

Vicky and Katrina were actually presenting on stage, where Vicky took a jig and asked Katrina as to why she doesn’t get married to someone like him. He further said that since the wedding season is on, he should also ask the question to her. While Katrina, being a sport, asked what question, Vicky started singing Salman Khan – Akshay Kumar starrer movie title song “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” (Will you marry me?).

While what was going on was already hilarious, the cherry on top was Salman Khan, who was the focus of the cameras, when Vicky proposed marriage to Katrina. In a hilarious response, Salman pretended like he didn’t hear a thing, and even acted like he was sleeping on her sister Arpita Khan’s shoulder, while the gag was going on.

Katrina though took the joke wholeheartedly and replied with a smile that she does not have the courage to do so!

Interestingly, Salman immediately woke up on hearing her reply and started clapping with a happy (relieved!) face. The video is viral on the internet. Take a look yourself.


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